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Open every Wed. and Sun. from11AM-2PM

June 30th-August 28. *Last entry 2pm.


*No reservation needed. At your convenience.

*Estimated time 1hr. minimum.

Self-guided with a Map with Friends of Crosby Docents throughout. 


*We kindly ask a $6 cash donation per adult at the door.

Children 12 and under enter for FREE.

Must be accompanied by an adult at all times.


*Handicap accessible on the first floor, restrooms, and grounds.

The Friends of Crosby look forward to seeing you.


The Saving of Tawasentha

The mansion was named “Tawasentha” by its original owners, Albert and Matilda Crosby, based on an excerpt in Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's poem "Song of Hiawatha".




The Town of Brewster and the Friends of Crosby Mansion invite you to enjoy the relaxed splendor of Crosby Mansion and learn about the storied past of this living mansion. We currently offer public and private tours, function rentals, and volunteering through The Friends of Crosby, who continue the loving restoration they began in 1992.


Built during the period of 1876-1888, Crosby Mansion, named Tawasentha by its original owners, is located on the west side of Crosby Lane. The mansion overlooks the famous Brewster Flats on Cape Cod Bay. Owners Albert and Matilda Crosby travelled to Europe in the mid-1870s, bringing worldwide influences home to the Cape to be incorporated into its design. It is a magnificent Colonial Revival being designed with tasteful French and Asian influences, among others.

In 1888, the builder, Mr. Frank H. Hinckley of Yarmouth, invited the public and press to inspect the newly built house while the Crosbys were visiting Paris. Attendees marveled at the gas light and indoor plumbing – the first house on the Cape to incorporate all of these features.

Throughout its grand three stories, English oak, Indian mahogany, English tiled fireplaces, and other handcrafted materials from around the world, transformed by local craftsmen, are still observable today. Matilda Crosby often had her woven rugs brought onto the front lawn for parties with the Nickersons.

Please JOIN US for a fun, relaxed afternoon of local lore from a time that, in many ways, still exists at Crosby Mansion.


  • 1876 - 1888 – The mansion build is completed by the Hinckley Co.

  • 1928 – After the passing of Albert and Matilda, the property passed to her two grandnieces. Unable to maintain the large mansion, they had to sell... more on that at our live tours!

  • 1930s – Martha Atwood bought the property and formed the Cape Cod Institute of Art.

  • 1950s – The property became the Gold Coast Inn and Restaurant.

  • 1970s – Dr. Spago ran a successful summer camp for young women.

  • 1985 – The state acquired the property as part of a bayside adjunct to Nickerson State Park. It fell into advanced disrepair. 

  • 1992 – The Friends of Crosby Mansion petitioned the state and began its massive restoration.

  • 2023 – The Town of Brewster and the Friends of Crosby continue the fastidious upkeep for its unique history, character, and the public's enjoyment. In the spirit of Matilda and Albert we move progressively forward with the activities of the mansion, motivated by the living energy that it continues to exude. 


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We appreciate your interest in Crosby Mansion. 
*CURRENT BOOKINGS: We are currently fullbooked for events in 2024. 

*BOOKINGS 2025: We are now booking Weddings and other gatherings for 2025.

*COTTAGES 2024 Season: We have a few remaining cottage rentals available for Summer/Sept. 2024. 7 day, or minimum 4 day stay.


163 Crosby Lane 

Brewster, MA 02631

Richard Archer 

Properties Manager

Event rentals


Open every Wed. and Sun. from11AM-2PM June 30th-August 28. At your convenience. 
No reservation needed,

Self-guided with a Map and Friends of Crosby Docents throughout. 

Last entry 2pm. Estimated time 45 minutes min. 

We kindly ask a $6 Cash donation per adult at the door. Children 12 and under enter for FREE. Must be accompanied by an adult at all times. 

Handicap accessible on the first floor, restrooms, and grounds. 

Thank you for your inquiry. We will get back to you soon!

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