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The Friends of Crosby 

Mansion decay circa 1990

In 1992, Crosby Mansion had been vacant for well over a decade and was in a state of extreme disrepair and decay. The state was ready to demolish the property due to the enormous amount of work and cost that it would require to restore it.                                                                




A group of community members saw the beauty in the mansion and formed The Friends of Crosby Mansion. They petitioned the state and were granted ten years to resuscitate the mansion and her grounds.  Today, thirty years later, some of the original members still remain. 

They continue to come to the mansion on a regular basis to work on her upkeep. They are joined by "newbies" and the class of 2022 volunteers, who help to keep this living story and mansion here for all to enjoy! The Friends thank you for your interest and they look forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming events!

Billiard's exterior 1990's
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